Self Defense Happy Hour

Date June 19, 2018
Location Banner Hill Apartments
Time 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

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Krav Maga training focuses on teaching simple self-protection techniques which are specifically catered to reality based attack situations. The Krav Maga system was created to bring students to a high level of proficiency in a relatively short period of time. Preparedness, confidence, strength, and excellence become the hallmark of our students’ training experience. Join CREWBaltimore for this unique self-defense training and networking event and understand the basics of Krav Maga from two nationally recognized experts.

Event Instructors:
Elizabeth G
Columbia Facility
Evelyn Pearcy
Columbia Facility

Banner Hill Apartments
611 S Charles St
Baltimore, MD 21230

4pm - 7pm

$75 CREWBaltimore member, $95 non-member

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