Letter from your President - Q1 Recap

March 31, 2022

We’re keeping the good times rolling over here at CREW Baltimore in 2022 – that’s for sure!

First quarter is a tough quarter to maintain momentum – in my opinion. You’ve got January that feels like its 60 days long, February ends before it really starts, and then in a blink March is here with a time change & wintery-spring weather. These 3 months have proven the strength of our chapter’s members & leadership. We have been operating at high levels within all our committees – and it shows! All while making sure we are holding true to our core missions, strategic plan, & annual theme (Breaking Ground).
  • Finance making sure we are where we should be with our investments and reserve accounts.
  • Membership has already hit the same amount of members as where we ended 2021 and our retention is almost 90%.
  • Outreach has been so busy lining up an incredible Q2 for our members & community.
  • Programs continues to impress with their unparalleled events on all fronts – content, speakers, locations, energy.
  • Public Relations has revamped their approach & partnership with Simpli to increase our external presence & internal communications.
  • Sponsorship has new companies participating and achieving the monetary level needed for our strategic plan goals.
My 4 areas of focus for this year are: Sponsorship. Communication. Participation. Satisfaction. Although everything that I listed above re: our committees in undeniably amazing & inspiring – this is work done by very few hands. Since one of my areas of focus is PARTICIPATION – this is my ask to please volunteer 2-4 hours/month to a committee. Membership, Sponsorship, PR would love to see some love. Getting involved is so easy & a fabulous way to connect with more women in our chapter & in our industry. Connection brings business!

Here’s to second quarter. May it be as strong for us as Q1!


Kristen Ernst
CREWBaltimore President