Letter from your President - Q3 and Q4 Recap

December 21, 2021
Hello! We made it to the end of another crazy year! I'm looking forward to the small break ahead to regroup and get ready for our incredible 2022 ahead.

CREWBaltimore is focused on doing our part to build a community of ambitious, dedicated commercial real estate women – who want to not only succeed themselves, but bring their peers up with them by doing business together. That is the beauty of CREW. CREW is connection, CREW is community.

Our last year has been amazing & game changing for our chapter. We have achieved so much – we could not have done it without our top-notch 2021 board members. Thank you all for your volunteered time and genuine passion for our CREW mission.
  • Kristen Schrader – Past President
  • Erin Todd – Treasurer, Finance Director
  • Christine DiSalvo – Secretary
  • Shana Carroll – Membership Director
  • Jacqi Glover – Outreach Director
  • Stephanie Andrews – Programs Director
  • Nadia Kahler – PR Director
  • Kaitlin Zarro – Sponsorship Director
  • Rene Carter – Director at Large
  • Amy Lacock – Director at Large
  • Joan Renner – Director at Large
  • Michele Walsh – General Counsel
  • Maggie Witherup – General Counsel

Let's take a moment and look down the mountain at what this board has accomplished over the past year.
  • We approved our chapter’s Strategic Plan in July 2021.
  • We have moved to a Strategic Board with Consent Agendas.
  • We established a Past Presidents Committee to help us learn from our Legacy members, keep engagement, grow impactful local partnerships, and help us build our sponsorship portfolio.
  • We started Connecting with your CREW Monthly Networking Events.
  • We moved from using the Blog to our Website (*Exciting things to come with the Website and Mobile App in 2022!)
  • Members – Exceeded our Budget Numbers (by time of Renewal) and we currently have 134 members going into 2022.
  • Started Connecting with your Prez events that relay chapter & network information to chapter.
  • We hit Foundation Trifecta by Spring Summit (early June).
  • We've had 34 events in 2021.
  • Kickoff of IDEA Program (September 2021)
  • Held our first in person Signature CNCC Event – Women of Influence luncheon at The Center Club in October.
  • Sponsored two student members: One from Hopkins, One from Morgan
  • Continued our philanthropic efforts with My Sisters Place and Junior Achievement.
  • Had a fantastic, successful Golf Tournament – once again!
  • And lastly – established a scholarship with Morgan State University.

We did incredible things – and will continue in 2022.

In 2021 I shared that my 3 target areas of focus for my presidency were: Connection, Vision, and Financial Health. I hope you all feel that we have achieved each in some capacity.

Since I am lucky enough to do another lap as your President – I have 4 new target areas of focus for next year: Communication, Participation, Sponsorship, and Satisfaction. I am hopeful we will be as successful achieving each of these as we were in 2021. I will have another talented roster of women alongside me in 2022. Our new members to the board are:
  • President Elect – Karin Holland
  • Treasurer, Finance Director – Marie Calabrese
  • Sponsorship Director – Erin Todd
  • PR Director – Meaghan Kelly
  • Director at Large – Laura Penza
  • Director at Large – Kat Sabo

In all honesty – our board members are volunteers and choose to be leaders of our CREW organization. It is a lot of work – but I can speak for myself, that what I get out of it – and who I know b/c of CREW – makes it all worth it.

AS ALWAYS - *THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS* - you make our chapter function and allow our board and committees to make a difference in our industry and community. If you are not a sponsor yet, please consider it in 2022.

Thank you again for being a part of our connected community. Happy Holidays!


Kristen Ernst
CREWBaltimore President